Our last price increase for grooming was 2008. Due to the increase cost of supplies needed for grooming, we have had to make the hard decision of increasing our grooming prices to allow us to continue to offer proper grooming services to all.

Grooming Care/Goal

The goal of proper wing clipping is to enable your bird to glide gracefully to the ground. A bird that is clipped improperly increases its chances of injury or escape. Unless you request otherwise, we clip the first seven primary feathers on each wing…one at a time.

GROOMING – By appointment only

Grooming prices include wings, nails and beak if needed. Just let us know what you want done!

Small Birds (cockatiel, conures and smaller): $20.00
Medium Birds (greys, amazons, pionus, caiques): $35.00
Large Birds (macaws, cockatoos): $50.00

For clients who make a minimum $15.00 purchase during a grooming visit, the grooming fees will be discounted as follows:

Small Birds (cockatiel, conures and smaller): $10.00
Medium Birds (greys, amazons, pionus and caiques): $15.00
Large Birds (macaws, cockatoos): $20.00

Bird Spa (By Appointment Only):

Includes: Groom, Bath, Blow Dry and Beak Buff
With a Minimum Purchase of $15.00……….$30.00

Without Minimum Purchase……………………..$50.00

DNA Sexing (By appointment only)  – $40

Hours of Operation

Monday 10-6
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-6
Sunday Closed

Grooming by appointment only.