About Us

Bird Fever is the Midwest’s premiere place to find exotic pet birds. We specialize in weaned and socialized baby parrots for companionship. All babies are raised here in our own nursery. We do not sell unweaned babies. We do not force babies to wean. The weaning process is different for each species and also for each individual bird. We ask that you be patient throughout your baby’s development. It is in the best interest of your bird that it weans on its own time schedule. All birds are weaned on a pellet diet. However, we feel there is a need for them to eat a variety of foods to ensure a well balanced and interesting diet. This includes but is not limited to: fresh vegetables and fruits, sprouts, quality seed mix, etc. Bird Fever babies experience a nurturing socialization process as they mature and become ready for their new home. We ask that you be part of that process by coming into the store to visit your baby as often as possible. For first time bird owners, this is a great time for us to educate you on bird care and handling. Our staff is always here to offer assistance as your baby grows and matures.

We also stock the largest selection of bird products in this area.  We carry many lines of bird food, toys and cages.  Some of these brands include  Pretty Bird, VitaKraft/Sunseed, Hari/Hagen, TOPS organic pellets, Lafeber’s, Higgins, and Zupreem.  We also carry several styles of cages ranging from economy to specialty. Our toys vary from canary to macaw appropriate.  Selection is a high priority.  In addition, we provide services such as grooming, DNA sexing and Birdie Spa.

Please remember that a bird’s lifespan is anywhere from 10 to 75 years, so choose a bird that matches your lifestyle.  We recommend that you research… make inquiries…and then make informed decisions regarding your future baby bird.  We would love to help and guide you.  Our goal is for our baby bird and you to be happy together forever!

We are located on the South side of E. 86th Street. Directions

Hours of Operation

Monday 10-6
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-6
Sunday Closed

Grooming by appointment only.