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Bird Fever celebrates its 21st anniversary!

Category : Parrot Pearls

This past fall, Bird Fever celebrated its 21st anniversary! In addition to launching a new website marking the occasion, we are introducing our blog, Parrot Pearls. Dedicated to bringing clients current information, the blog can be found by following a link on the website.

 Aviculture is constantly evolving. Hence, practices and advice for today’s bird enthusiasts is quite different from those available 21years ago. Advances in avian nutrition, medicine, training, and environmental enrichment provide a better life for birds and their owners.

 So as we begin publishing our blog, we ask you to remember this simple fact. While it is our responsibility to stay abreast of factual and relevant information pertaining to aviculture, it is your responsibility to be open to change, striving always to do what is best for your avian family.

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